Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Dress Hanger

This DIY idea came from a blog I saw on photopink that talked about how they love not trying to hide the hanger in the bride's infamous dress picture. In fact, they love making the hanger a part of the imagery. So I conjured up some cute hanger ideas and then put together a simple DIY for you brides who love your details. 
Enjoy! Get creative!

1. Scissors, 
2. Wooden Hanger (or other) 
3. Ribbon or strips of fabric ( I chose vintage scraps of fabric I had lying around) 

1. Take the hanger and tie a knot with your ribbon or fabric strips at one end of the bottom of the hanger. 
2. Wrap the fabric or ribbon around starting at the knot you created until you have covered all except for the metal hook. 
3. Tie a knot with the remaining strip of fabric or ribbon, cut it and tuck the end under the wrapped pieces so it doesn't show.
4. Enjoy your gorgeous new dress statement. 

I also thought it would be cute to make a name tag like MRS. or YOUR NAME by using a piece of your stationary with it printed or written, punching holes in the top corners and hanging with the same ribbon so it hangs on the "inside" of the hanger. There are so many options here! Use that gorgeous head of yours and get creative! 

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  1. Wonderful collection of cute hangers! Thanks for sharing.