Friday, July 31, 2009

Come One, Come All

Invitations are such a vital part of the planning process, it introduces your guests to your wedding style. No pressure. But why do we have to spend hundreds of dollars just for a cute piece of paper ( and envelopes and RSVP cards, and stamps..)? Good news, you don't! You can make them yourself, don't tell me your not the crafty type, your a bride! That makes you sufficient and creative enough to make this happen! And to inspire you I am featuring this lovely design borrowed from If you haven't been to their blog yet GO! It is one of the most up to date, creative and fun places to browse and absorb some incredible ideas and crafty inspiration. Go now! After you work on your invitation designs. 

invitation folders


Heavy Weight Decorative Paper in 2-3 styles (I used the purple card stock and a straw-like stock)
Bone Folder
Glue or other adhesive
Decorative Stamp and White Pigment Ink
Doily Paper
Tissue Paper, cut to size
2″ Circular Punch
1/8″ Hole Punch
Satin Ribbon
Vellum Envelopes


1. I made a folder for the invitation using heavy paper.  I cut out a 10×7 rectangle with a triangular section below the right side. 

2. I used a bone folder to score the middle (where the folder’s spine is) and at the bottom of of the right side so the triangular part could be folded upward. 

3. Then I glued the right side of the triangle to the right edge of the folder to make a pocket. 

4. I stamped the triangular pocket of the folder using white pigment ink. 

5. Then I cut a 5×7 piece of paper doily and glued it to the cover of the folder.

6. I glued the invitation card on the left inside of the folder and stuffed the enclosures in the right hand pocket with the tissue paper rectangles between the cards. 

7. I used a 2-inch circular punch to make a paper disc and stamped our initials on it using white pigment ink.  Then I punched two 1/8″ of an inch holes on either side of it.

8. I cut rectangles of different colored tissue paper to use between the cards.

9. I closed the folder with the contents inside and tied satin ribbon around the middle, threading through the holes in the paper disc and tying it behind the disc.  Then I took a straw flower and glued it on the back side of the paper disc. 

10. To make the liner, trace the envelope onto a sheet of pretty paper.  Cut it out and trim the upper triangular portion about half an inch on either side and trimmed the other 3 rectangular sides by about 1/8 of an inch. 

11. Finally I stuffed the folder into the envelope and tied the envelope with twine (like a package) and tied a bow on the front with a couple 1-inch paper discs threaded onto it.  I put that envelope into a slightly larger vellum/glassine envelope.  I put stickers that were addressed on the front of the glassine envelope (the font is Memoir from Veer).

Friday, July 24, 2009

Once Wed

As a bride or bride to be there is a definite need for a good blog to obsess over, and the fact that this one features once worn dresses that bride's can sell and buy is reason enough to visit the site, but beyond that, also features some amazing inspiration weddings, photography, vendor guides, and the best DIY projects I've seen in wedding blogland. Just go ahead and add it to your favorites.

Just Do It!

I have to admit that I borrowed these DIY projects from, which I will feature next because they are well worth your time. With all the rustic and vintage inspired weddings going on I thought I'd feature a couple cute DIY projects that I love, the best thing about these two projects is that they are both extremely affordable and easy to do so put that bridal party to work!

Project #1 Rustic Cake Stand Centerpiece

What You’ll Need:
A Cross-Cut Wood Plaque (round or oval)
A Cross-Section of a Tree Limb (Make sure the top and bottom are parallel)
Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue (or a similar extra strong wood glue)
A Large Wood Clamp


Cross-cut wood plaques can be found in your local craft store or online at Hofcraft. The come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. They are usually found in the section with the wood-burning kits and other wood crafts. They are clean, sanded and ready to use.

1. Take your tree limb section and wipe the cut surface clean. Put a generous amount of extra strong wood glue on the surface. (see figure 1)

2. Place the limb section in the center of the back side your wood plaque and press down firmly. Wipe away any excess glue with a clean, damp cloth. (see figure 2)

3. Place the two joined pieces in a wood clamp and let dry for at least one hour. If you don’t have a wood clamp, you can stack a few heavy books on top of your pedestal until it’s dry. (see figure 3)

4. Use your pedestals to display cakes and desserts (see figure 4) or use as a base for a centerpiece. If you want to place food directly on the wood surface, coat it first with a food-safe wood sealer. If you would like to keep the wood it’s natural color, place a piece of parchment paper beneath your cake or dessert.

Project #2 Birdcage Veil

Materials & Tools

-4×4 Square of felt

-1/2 yd of 9 or 8” wide Russian veiling

-Hat combs (optional, bobby pins may substitute)

-Fabric glue

-Good luck charm

-3 silk or fabric flowers, source: craft store,

-8 filler flowers, millinery or small silk flowers work well

-Needle & thread


-Straight pins

-Ruler/ measuring tape


Step 1-Cut heart from felt using template or freehand

Step 2-Cut veiling to 14” piece, if you want a fuller veil add an inch or two, demonstrate fullness by gathering the fabric in one hand. When cutting, be sure to cut just below the “knots”

Step 3-With needle and thread make a continuous running stitch starting with a cut edge, then work needle along one finished edge and thru the other cut edge. Leaving opposite finished edge open. Be sure to catch each stitch through the “knots” of the veiling.

Step 4- Gather to fit on felt heart, then tack down by stitching with needle and thread. At this point play with veiling and placement using a model head or in the mirror. If using combs, attach now to opposite side of heart that veil is attached to.

Steps 5 & 6-Pin flowers to heart, on top of veiling to figure out best placement, then tack down with needle and thread or glue into place.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bloomin Buttons

I just discovered another treasure thanks to Liza of makes these amazingly cute paper and button bouquets and boutonniere's!  It's things like this that make me want to have a DIY party, these would definitely be a time consuming task if you decided to make them yourself but thats what bridesmaid brunches are for! Make it a project party with fruit, coffee, tea and yummies and boxes of buttons and wire of course.. and before you know it you'll have your bouquet, no florist required. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something borrowed

Renting a venue can be a bride's biggest expense, finding the right space, booking it and making sure it will cater to all of your wedding day needs can be tough but here are a few time sensitive, cheap and creative ideas I've found.By thinking outside of the box of traditional rental spaces you'll find that there are so many options for having a wedding, big or small, simple or extravagant, traditional or modern; you don't have to rent out the plaza hotel in order to have your dream wedding.

Outside weddings can be a great way to save some cash, alot of places will even let you use their space for free, just make sure if its a park or other public area that you have the permit with you or your coordinator on the day of. Backyards, beaches, cliffs, parks, bridges, gardens, under the canopy of tree branches, decks, and rooftops are just a few outside ideas.

Tip: If your planning around an outside venue make sure you have a backup in case it rains, and have your planner keep an eye on the weather around your date.

Art Galleries, open lofts, foyer's of ballrooms, party rooms in hotels, cafe's, music halls, theaters, rehearsal spaces, a barge, a boat, a garage, and bookshops are some creative spaces for an indoor wedding and though your decorating options may be a bit more limited, often times the space itself can act as decor, creating something completely unique.

Tip: Working with someone who has never hosted a wedding in their space can be tricky, make sure you ask lots of questions regarding food, alcohol allowance, space to dance, time for set up and clean up, tables, chairs, a place for you to change prior to the ceremony, a place for the caterer to prepare food, etc. Clarifying those things ahead of time can really save yourself from drama that could arise on the day of.

Whether its your future parent-in-law's backyard garden or your local church's auditorium, don't limit yourself to what the bridal industry offers, start researching, googling, reading papers, asking around, and exploring to find something that is all your own.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little is the new Big

These are too cute, makes these and also the cute handstitched hearts. Can you imagine wedding or party invitations done this way? So sweet! :) They are a bit pricey- 15.00 ea but these could easily be recreated as a little DIY project for much cheaper, just check you local party or craft store for small bottles, and start using those wine corks you've been saving- this is a way better use anyway, invest into a wax stamp kit like the one at:
and you've got cute, unique hand out invites. Money saving Tip: For close family and friends that may be out of town mail a group of invitations and ask your family/friend to hand them out for you, just make sure the people you ask see the other invitees regularly.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Shoe Says it All

White shoes are no longer neccessary, These cute brides decided to make a statement, and look how cute their accented shoes look against that beautiful white or ivory dress. For those of you looking to save a little cash, I would recommend buying your shoes OUTSIDE of a bridal shop,yes I know they match the dress so perfectly but these days anything goes and what a better way to save then to buy shoes you actually will wear again? has a great selection of bridal shoes, and just cute shoes in general; and with designers like leila rose and alice & olivia designing for them what's stopping you from a fabulous pair of heels, or flats? One of the cute traditions I heard for your "something blue" was to have your bridesmaids write their best wishes in blue ink on the bottom of your shoe, in which case you wouldn't want to spend $500 on them anyway. Also I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! This November Jimmy Choo- renowned shoe obsession for women of ALL ages, is the next designer for .... drumroll please.. H&M!! Yes ladies, H&M will have a small line of shoes and accessories at a very affordable designer rate all made by yours truly- Jimmy Choo.. and he will be making men's shoes and accessories for the first time EVER, just think how cute you and your bridal party will look walking down the aisle with your designer soles. All available at your friendly neighboorhood H&M. If you don't have one nearby, I suggest you move. 


One Bright Idea

Another cute paper artist, and good news! This one is so affordable! OneBrightSpot makes these cute little paper accents, mainly for scrapbooking and journaling, but how cute would these little pins be on a bouquet or gift boxes for your guests? And Jen's cards are adorable too! Support her dream or get inspired and make your own! No time? That's what your bridesmaids are for!
Check them out at

Accessorize Your Dessert

Doing some research in Blogland as a bride really pays off, I did it at least twice a day as a bride to be, and in doing so I came across some adorable designs! These cupcake wrappers are perfect for any wedding, birthday, or party and with a price of $1 per wrapper how can you resist? I think I'd go with the ivory filigree. What's your cupcake wrapper style?

All pictures thanks to:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My friend Etsy

If you haven't yet discovered, its time! This is one of the most brilliant websites for a DIY bride, or for anyone who likes to buy, sell, or handmake anything cute. Some of my favorite designers on Etsy are the pictures listed above, ToyBreaker makes the amazing screenprinted ties, ohsogood is the adorable paper notebooks and matchbooks, and artisanlook makes some really unique rings. Embrace, it's well worth the obsession.

Day One

Hi and welcome to my blog! I designed this blog for all the lovely brides, friends and family of mine who starting asking questions regarding my wedding ideas and inspiration. I recently got married and did it in two and a half months, so this blog will be designed for all the brides (or brides-to-be) that are creative, budget conscious, modern, traditional, or are just looking for some fun inspiration.