Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY Thurs

Okay so I'll admit it I forgot to post my DIY Wednesday so Im posting it today instead. I think all this weather change has got my days mixed up. Either way this DIY project is for more than just brides, it would also make excellent bridesmaids gifts, engagement accessories, or for an edgy bridal photoshoot. 
Enjoy! Get Creative!

1. Pliers
2. Old sunglasses case
3. Drill
4. Drawerpull w/bolt on end( anthropologie has some great ones! ) 
5. Wire cutters
1. Drill hole in one side of sunglass case near the closure
2. Clip the end of the drawerpull to the length desired
3. Put drawerpull in hole and bolt on the inside to secure it.
4. Enjoy!

Ta da! 

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