Friday, January 21, 2011

Marci + Redge

Jan at 10secbride is all about DIY weddings and since i've featured a lot of muted color schemes I thought it was about time to bring in some color. Maybe itll encourage spring to come along too? Check out this gorgeous couple's bright and wonderful tree inspired DIY wedding. 

I love the streamers and bright but complimenting colors of the flowers.

What a great "take home" gift: fruit from the tree. 

These vintage bottles and vases are so cute and compliment this theme without overdoing it, look for them at your local Goodwill or other thrift store. Yard sales are also a great place to look. 

Arent they such a great looking pair? I love her bib necklace and cardigan! 

A great money saving way to incorporate this idea is to buy carnations ( the cheapest flower) and cut them short so just the petals stick out of the vases. They look full that way.

Isnt this little flowergirl's hair piece so adorable? Perfectly suiting. 

Watching the movie at the end of the night.. great way to entertain the stragglers. :) 

Well done Marci and Redge! I am completely inspired by your hard work! 

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