Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something borrowed

Renting a venue can be a bride's biggest expense, finding the right space, booking it and making sure it will cater to all of your wedding day needs can be tough but here are a few time sensitive, cheap and creative ideas I've found.By thinking outside of the box of traditional rental spaces you'll find that there are so many options for having a wedding, big or small, simple or extravagant, traditional or modern; you don't have to rent out the plaza hotel in order to have your dream wedding.

Outside weddings can be a great way to save some cash, alot of places will even let you use their space for free, just make sure if its a park or other public area that you have the permit with you or your coordinator on the day of. Backyards, beaches, cliffs, parks, bridges, gardens, under the canopy of tree branches, decks, and rooftops are just a few outside ideas.

Tip: If your planning around an outside venue make sure you have a backup in case it rains, and have your planner keep an eye on the weather around your date.

Art Galleries, open lofts, foyer's of ballrooms, party rooms in hotels, cafe's, music halls, theaters, rehearsal spaces, a barge, a boat, a garage, and bookshops are some creative spaces for an indoor wedding and though your decorating options may be a bit more limited, often times the space itself can act as decor, creating something completely unique.

Tip: Working with someone who has never hosted a wedding in their space can be tricky, make sure you ask lots of questions regarding food, alcohol allowance, space to dance, time for set up and clean up, tables, chairs, a place for you to change prior to the ceremony, a place for the caterer to prepare food, etc. Clarifying those things ahead of time can really save yourself from drama that could arise on the day of.

Whether its your future parent-in-law's backyard garden or your local church's auditorium, don't limit yourself to what the bridal industry offers, start researching, googling, reading papers, asking around, and exploring to find something that is all your own.

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