Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Shoe Says it All

White shoes are no longer neccessary, These cute brides decided to make a statement, and look how cute their accented shoes look against that beautiful white or ivory dress. For those of you looking to save a little cash, I would recommend buying your shoes OUTSIDE of a bridal shop,yes I know they match the dress so perfectly but these days anything goes and what a better way to save then to buy shoes you actually will wear again? has a great selection of bridal shoes, and just cute shoes in general; and with designers like leila rose and alice & olivia designing for them what's stopping you from a fabulous pair of heels, or flats? One of the cute traditions I heard for your "something blue" was to have your bridesmaids write their best wishes in blue ink on the bottom of your shoe, in which case you wouldn't want to spend $500 on them anyway. Also I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! This November Jimmy Choo- renowned shoe obsession for women of ALL ages, is the next designer for .... drumroll please.. H&M!! Yes ladies, H&M will have a small line of shoes and accessories at a very affordable designer rate all made by yours truly- Jimmy Choo.. and he will be making men's shoes and accessories for the first time EVER, just think how cute you and your bridal party will look walking down the aisle with your designer soles. All available at your friendly neighboorhood H&M. If you don't have one nearby, I suggest you move. 


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  1. such a cute post tab! as you know, i couldn't agree more! i love the idea of having your girls sign your shoes in blue ink! & i'm starting to understand your love for h&m. the world is becoming a better place now that every girl with 20 bucks can own a pair of jimmy choos. i mean really, that's just beautiful :)