Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Feed your Guests

Whoah it has been a while. I wish I could say that it was for a really great reason but honestly I've just been very busy- some exciting news that I'll tell you about in my next post. For this DIY Wed( yes I know its Thurs) I thought I'd inspire you with some ideas for feeding your guests! Here you go:

If you are not having a bar or just want some cute ways to present non-alchoholic beverages try a self-serve lemonade stand, this would be cute with a "tip the bride & groom" jar that goes toward your honeymoon! Have the groomsmen( or a friend) build a small stand and paint a sign with your beverages. 
 Serve your punch in an apothecary jar instead of a punch bowl. I LOVE these chalkboard nametags! Make your own with this spray chalkboard paint by painting painters tape and tearing it into strips for each glass. Then leave chalk near the drinks for guests to write their name.
 For those of you who dont want a traditional cake or dont like cake at all(I don't) try a cookies stand or a different kind of treat that you both like. I think this would be adorable with bottles of milk(soy, almond, rice, and cows) on ice in pails so it would be a "cookies & milk" stand! A brownies stand would be great too! Figure out what you like and grab some friends to help you stack some hay bales, suitcases, or boxes and then make a simple sign out of 2x4's and some white paint then lay an old window across to hold the treats display. Simple. Delicious. 
 Dont like oreos? Have your mom or another baker make you some homemade cookies to stack like a cake, all you need is a cake stand and a friend with a steady hand. So easy! 
enjoy! get creative! 
{images from Pinterest}

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