Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For the Groom

I often feel bad for the men because they seem to get left out of the planning/blogging/obsessing over party favors part of the wedding(although I must say as a disclaimer that my hubby was fully involved and I think that many grooms these days are as well) So as a thank you to all those men who love being involved.. and want/have a unique style to incorporate into your wedding I give you some style inspiration. Enjoy hubby's-to-be! 

she wears white. he wears grey.

stripes done right. no matching pants pls. 

Im loving all the men rocking the no-jacket in different ways

it was his blue period. and he did it well. 

no jacket required!

reminds of you picnics huh? In a nice..manly way.

vintage pocket-square? yes sir! 

I love that he is rocking the beard here

shorts! Loving this for a spring/summer/destination wedding. Show those knees!

even  the little guys deserve to be awesome

try mixed prints

okay lets be honest i just loved this dress, i also like that he matches her flowers. 

yup thats a suit shirt. and he's wearing it well. 

no socks needed. rock the loafers!

go ahead, look like your grandpa. in fact get all your boys to do it with you. 

a little poppy for Papi

an favorite from an old post on Mason Jars. 

Okay brides go get your gentleman, and then enjoy this inspirational post about some ideas for our creative grooms together.

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