Thursday, March 3, 2011


Okay I've been slacking this week with my posts but hopefully this amazing DIY project will make up for it! This would make great party favors( in a smaller version) or centerpieces for your guestbook, dinner tables, or gift table.
 :) Enjoy! 
 Potted Love 
Black paper
Mini christmas tree or plant
Cuttting mat
Metal ruler
Glue stick
Thin strips of wooden sticks
white ink pen

How to:
+ Place a piece of tape on top of the photo and stick it on top of the black paper
+ Take your scissors and cut around the photo shape
+ Place a piece a tape on a stick inside the black cut out shape
+ Cover it with glue stick
+ Place the photo on top to enclose the stick inside the 2 pieces of paper
+ Write a message or info on back with the white pen
+ Stick the photo stick inside your plant
+ Decorate with a ribbon etc.


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