Thursday, October 14, 2010


Every bride, especially bride's that have short engagements, need a checklist! Instead of going out and buying one or a bridal organizer ( that you probably will hardly use anyway) you can follow this handy DIY for a cute little listbook. Brought to you by them.  I know, you love me.  All in a day's post. 
Be organized:Save money:Be creative-:check! 

1. You will need a 5″ x 8″ notepad cut in half, a paper trimmer, cute paper, double sided tape, embellishments. 
2. Trim your cute paper to fit the width the of the notepad–about 2. 5 inches, leaving extra paper in the length.
3. Carefully line up the paper at the bottom of the notepad and fold the paper over the top of the notepad and down the back. Trim the excess paper in the back, leaving enough to cover a bit of the back of the notepad.
4. Using double sided tape, tape over the small top part of the notepad (it’s green on the example) in the front, on the top, and in the back. Refit the paper over the notepad and press the paper to the double stick tape. Your  paper cover should only stick to the small top part of the notepad so that you can lift the cover and write on the notepad.
5. Embellish however you’d like. We put a cute initial on one notebook. And I like to add ribbon as well.

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